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MoHA! by Widgeteer 3-in-1 Whisk, Tong, and Strainer

MoHA! by Widgeteer 3-in-1 Whisk, Tong, and Strainer

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Moha's MoHA! 3-in-1 Whisk, Tong, and Strainer multipurpose tool can be used in many ways: you can whisk up sauces, creams, or even an omelet; use a strainer to remove eggs out of boiling water; or as a set of tongs to serve pasta or salad.

The kitchen tool is made of BPA free plastic and features an ergonomic handle with a red button that opens and closes the device. It can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees and is dishwasher safe.

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Moha was founded in 1985 in Switzerland with a passion for enhancing the art of food preparation. Each product is thoughtfully made and inspired by innovation, without sacrificing style. Moha stands behind their work with a 5 year warranty, guaranteeing that their home goods are made using only the best materials with no compromises. Try Moha! today for a more pleasurable and fun cooking experience.