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Snips by Widgeteer Tidy Up (Soap), White-Grey

Snips by Widgeteer Tidy Up (Soap), White-Grey

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Ideal to have on hand and tidy up with accessories for washing dishes. In a single product: liquid soap dispenser or detergent for dishes, compartment for sponges and gloves, with support for dish cloths.

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Experience Snips

Italian manufacturer Snips was founded in 1973 with the introduction of their first product, Snips scissors. From that day forward, their philosophy has not wavered, to incorporate innovative Italian design into consumer driven household products. Snips products are 100% Italian made from scratch from conception and design to development to ensure quality control through the entire production process. In keeping with Italian tradition and values, Snips prides themselves on quality, social responsibility, teamwork, and advanced technology.