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Widgeteer Finds TikTok Success with Jeanne Fitz Brand

Widgeteer, which produces and imports a wide range of kitchen and home items, has found success on TikTok with a viral video showcasing a product from own brand, Jeanne Fitz.

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Gifts and Decorative Accessories

5 Keys to Success in the Housewares Industry in 2024

President, Bill McHenry is featured regarding his take on the articles "Retail Relationships." From increasing operational efficiency to building key relationships, here's how the home and housewares industry can continue to grow.

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Northwest Herald 

Article Feature

Bill was recently featured in an article published in the North West Herald, a respected and well-known newspaper in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The article focuses on entrepreneurship in the houseware industry and shares the inspirational stories of two Crystal Lake based entrepreneurs, one of which being Bill. His story is one of passion and commitment, inspiring readers to go after what they want.

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IHA Board of Directors Appointment

With over 25 years of experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, Bill was the perfect candidate for the IHA Board of Directors. In October, he was officially appointed to this position and his leadership came into effect. As a director, Bill will help provide high-level oversight of IHA activities, strategy and performance. His extensive knowledge of sales, marketing and business development will be a strong asset to the IHA board.

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IHA Government Affairs Committee Board Liaison Appointment

In addition to his Board of Directors position, Bill was also appointed as the Board Liaison for the Government Affairs Committee at the IHA. As the Board Liaison, Bill will maintain a critical connection between the Board of Directors and the Government Affairs Committee. He will be responsible for facilitating communication between the two groups and is the primary contact for all governance related issues. 

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