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ByON by Widgeteer Mandarie Jug

ByON by Widgeteer Mandarie Jug

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This handmade jug is covered with lovely mandarins in a wonderful orange nuance. The twisted handle provides a playful feeling and gives us that unique feeling we are always looking for when we create products for your home. Perfect for the morning juice or why not fill it with tasty Sangria? This is a great contribution to ByOn’s fruit compote together with the earlier lemon and melon cups. Mandarin is also available as a cup.

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Byon is the Swedish interior design brand that creates highlights and surprises in your home with functional designs that inspire curiosity and playfulness in everyday life. The brand builds awake and vibrant collections of personal universes filled with endless possibilities and unexpected characters. Byon dares to bring in new colors and materials that last but still breathe new thinking using attractive shapes that dare to take place in your home and are there to stay for a while.